Hire a Personal Driver in Dubai starting from AED 80/Hour.

    Hire A Personal Driver Dubai and Resolve All Your Issues With Transportation.

    We are Expert Safe Driver Company; always focusing on quality and comfortable services. Keeping in mind our commitment towards our valued customers, we have developed a team of professional Drivers which you can hire as your Personal Driver. These Personal Drivers in Dubai are available for any trip without time limitation.

    We offer a wide range of services, from short to long trips covering Monthly Personal Driver Services in Dubai (School Drop off & Pickup Services or Office Pick & Drop Services). For these types of Monthly Services, you need a well-trained and reliable Chauffeur to take your children to school and return them safely. Expert Safe Driver gives you full surety of our safe and reliable services.

    We constantly update our drivers about any change in the route or blockage somewhere. And they are also equipped with the latest navigation tools and software to take you to your destination in a stress-free environment. Never get worried about the wrong routes and extra fares while traveling with our Expert Drivers. Our Personal Driver drives your car and plays his role as your travel guide.

    So, stop thinking too much; pick up your phone and call us or leave a message on WhatsApp for booking information and confirmation of services of a Personal Driver Dubai.

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    Frequently Asked Questions?

    Prices vary according to the destination within or outside Dubai. In Dubai, the minimum charges are AED 80, and the charges for a Personal Driver from Dubai to Abu Dhabi are AED 299.

    A Personal Driver drives a vehicle for a family or an individual. He works full-time or part-time. A Personal Driver must have high driving skills for safety and comfort.

    The salary of a Personal Driver depends on his experience in driving in UAE. Normally Personal Drivers earn between AED 2000- 5000. But the most experienced ones can earn up to AED 8000.