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Prices For Our Services

AED 150 – 299

Dubai to Other City

  • Dubai to Sharjah (150 AED)
  • Dubai to Abu Dhabi (299 AED)
  • Dubai to Ajman (199 AED)
  • Dubai to Umm Al Quwain (249 AED)
  • Dubai to Ras al Khaimah (299 AED)
  • Dubai to Al-Ain (299 AED)

AED 80 – 140

Dubai to Dubai

  • 10-15 Kilometers (80 AED)
  • 16-20 Kilometers (90 AED)
  • 21-25 Kilometers (100 AED)
  • 26-35 Kilometers (110 AED)

AED 65 – 5,500

Hourly/Weekly /Monthly

  • Per Hour (65 AED) Minimum 3 Hours
  • Per 10 Hours (400 AED)
  • Per week (1800 AED) 10 Hours Per Day
  • Per Month (5,500) 6 Days/Week 10 Hours/Day
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Expert Safe Driver is a professionally safe driver service that has been operating in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for several years. We are registered with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to hire Drivers for customers and transport them to their destinations in the safety of their own cars.

Whether it is a weekend trip, a shopping trip, or returning home from parties, you may require someone Expert to drive you safely. Our Freelance services cater to these very needs by bringing experienced and safe drivers to your doorstep at a reasonable price.

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We offer comprehensive driving services that are safe. Hire our Professional Drivers for a Safe Trip.

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“I have been using their services for 5 months and it’s highly recommended. I appreciate the Expert Save Driver to make the things smoother and more efficient.”



“I really enjoy the service it is pocket friendly, I have awesome experience in it. not only changes is less compared to the others but the staff is really polite and professional.”



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When you’re at the back of the wheel of a car (safe driving points balance)– whether or not on your own or with passengers – riding adequately needs to be your pinnacle concern constantly. Here are a few safe riding tips.


Machine motorist, know thyself! My friend Schwartz didn’t. Schwartz was driving (nation safe driver) his auto along a two-lane concrete trace one-day last summer. His speedometer wavered from 40,


A sober driver could agree to abstain from alcohol so that they will be able to drive an automobile safely. The term is most frequently utilized in a bunch outing, wherever individuals wish to confirm that they will get home safely from


A safe driver is someone who drives a vehicle safely and responsibly. They are also someone who understands the importance of safety and obeys all traffic laws. Being a safe driver means you will be less likely to get into an accident, suggesting you will have to pay less for car repairs and insurance. You will also avoid costly traffic fines, which saves you time too.

There are many consequences of not having a safe driver. For example, without a driver, people would have to use public transportation and wait for the bus or train. It would take up more time and gas money. If people were driving while drunk, they could cause an accident that could kill someone. If people were driving while texting on their phones, they could cause an accident that could kill someone. The consequences of not having a safe driver can be severe and life-changing for those involved in the accidents and others around them who may be injured or killed by the person driving unsafely.

The cost of hiring a safe driver is not as expensive as it may seem. There are numerous advantages to hiring a skilled driver, such as safety, convenience, and peace of mind. Hiring an experienced driver can be cheaper than owning your car or using public transportation for short trips.

Knowing what you’re getting into before hiring a safe driver is essential. You should be able to trust the person you employ, and they should be able to provide references. It is also a fair idea to ask for their license and insurance information.

The first requirement is that you have a clean driving record. You won’t be eligible for a safe driver if you have any violations on your driving record. The second requirement is to meet the age limit to qualify for the policy.

The first step is to take a driver’s education course. It will teach the student the basics of driving, including skills like parallel parking and dealing with road hazards. The second stage is to obtain a learner’s permit; it can be done by taking a written exam and then completing a driving test in front of an examiner. Once this is finished, the learner can start practicing their skills on public roads. The last step is getting your license from your local DMV office. It requires paying a fee and submitting paperwork that has been filled out correctly and signed by an approved third party (like your parent)

Safe Expert Driver

Expert Safe Driver Dubai is the premier service provider with a professionally licensed driver team. Our professional drivers are fully committed to ensuring customers’ comfort and safety. We have operated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for several years. Our team of expert drivers is registered with Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Whether you need a Safe Driver in Dubai for a Night Out, Chauffeur Service, Corporate, Personal, On-demand, Monthly, Weekly, and City Tour Drivers, or Transportation for Special Events, Expert Safe Driver is here to assist you.


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