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    Do you need help to drive your car due to certain issues? Stay calm Expert Safe Driver is here for your assistance.

    If you have consumed alcohol, can’t drive due to certain medical conditions and are not in the mood to drive your car back home, our Safe Drivers are always present for your services in Dubai. Expert Safe Driver services include Designated Drivers, Chauffeurs, and Sober Driver services to persons unwilling to drive.

    The main goal of our Safe Driver Services in Dubai is to ensure the safety of the client and the general public by providing a responsible and reliable driver. We operate our services by sending a professional driver to pick you up and drive you to the desired destination using your vehicle. This way, you can avoid the risks associated with impaired driving while still being able to travel comfortably in your car.

    Our Safe Driver Services are particularly popular during events and occasions where alcohol consumption is common, such as weddings, parties or corporate functions. Alcohol consumption and driving is a highly dangerous and illegal combination. It impairs your ability to operate a vehicle safely, increasing the risk of accidents, injuries and fatalities. Driving under the influence or while intoxicated is a serious offence in Dubai. It has several legal consequences, including fines, license suspension or imprisonment.

    By hiring the Best Safe Driver in Dubai, you can enjoy travelling without worrying about transportation or the potential legal and safety consequences of driving under the influence. Overall a Safe Driver Service In Dubai with a reasonable price suits you because of prioritizing safety, offering convenience, reducing stress and providing a reliable and professional alternative to self-driving.

    With reasonable cost and quality services, we are available 24/7. Our services are not limited to Dubai. Mainly we operate in Dubai, but we also offer Safe Driver Services from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all other cities within UAE. Our simplest and easiest booking procedure makes it easy for you to hire our Safe Drivers.

    Call or WhatsApp us at (+971 55 988 5056) for booking and more details.

    Benefits of Hiring Expert Safe Driver 

    Without any doubt, It is a difficult task to hire a driver for your expensive vehicle. Any wrong decision may be costly for you. Look into the benefits of hiring a safe driver in Dubai; it will ease your decision-making process.

    • RTA Registered Drivers
    • 100% Client Satisfaction
    • No Time Limitation, 24/7 Service
    • Served Over 1500+ Customer 
    • Medically Fit Drivers
    • High-Quality Service With Normal Prices
    • Drivers Wear Face Mask 
    • Advance Booking Facility Available

    Best safe driver Dubai

    Prices For Our Services

    AED 150 – 299

    Dubai to Other City

    • Dubai to Sharjah (150 AED)
    • Dubai to Abu Dhabi (299 AED)
    • Dubai to Ajman (199 AED)
    • Dubai to Umm Al Quwain (249 AED)
    • Dubai to Ras al Khaimah (299 AED)
    • Dubai to Al-Ain (299 AED)

    AED 80 – 140

    Dubai to Dubai

    • 10-15 Kilometers (80 AED)
    • 16-20 Kilometers (90 AED)
    • 21-25 Kilometers (100 AED)
    • 26-35 Kilometers (110 AED)

    AED 65 – 5,500

    Hourly/Weekly /Monthly

    • Per Hour (65 AED) Minimum 3 Hours
    • Per 10 Hours (400 AED)
    • Per week (1800 AED) 10 Hours Per Day
    • Per Month (5,500) 6 Days/Week 10 Hours/Day

    How We Work

    Reach your destination in the comfort of your car by hiring a safe driver service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For stress-free booking and outclass service, do follow the following steps.

    Cheapest safe Driver Dubai
    Make a Booking By Calling
    Safe driver dubai price
    Pick You up From Location
    Safe driver Dubai reviews
    We Drive You to the destination
    Safe driver Dubai to Abu Dhabi
    we’ll be back to home
    safe driver dubai
    Payment Options
    Our Driver Follows Best Practices

    We offer Safe Driving Services with a reasonable price, punctuality, and ultimate safety measures. Book your RTA Licensed driver with and without a car today and get.

    • Safe Driving Service
    • Highly Trained Drivers
    • Time Management
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Affordable Prices

    safe driver in dubai services
    Expert Safe Driver Goal

    Our Goals

    We always consider our customers’ valuable assets; our top priority is ensuring Customer Satisfaction. To ensure customer safety, we always maintain the highest standards of professionalism, courtesy, and discretion. Furthermore, our goals are to provide enjoyable, efficient, and reliable driving services, and our drivers are fully trained in this.

    You can now easily book a Safe Driver in Dubai at a reasonable price and enjoy our quality services and uncomplicated booking options. Pick up your phone, contact us, and book a safe driver anytime. Trust Expert Safe Driver services to make your journey memorable, smooth, and secure.

    The Penalties and Rules of Drunk Driving in Dubai

    Are You Aware Of The Gravity Of Drunk Driving In Dubai?

    There is no ambiguity in the legal framework about drunk driving in Dubai. Throughout the UAE, it’s a zero-tolerance against alcohol consumption while driving a vehicle. To measure the percentage of alcohol in blood, BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) is done for drunk drivers and set at 0%, leaving no room for leniency.

    The penalties for violating the law against drunk driving in Dubai are quite pitiless and are designed to restrain individuals from road accidents. If someone is caught driving under the influence, they could face heavy fines, imprisonment of 3 months to 2 years, driving license suspension, or even deportation if they are an expatriate. It’s important to be familiar with these penalties to avoid facing severe consequences.

    1. Monetary Fines

    Individuals caught driving under the influence of alcohol can face substantial fines, ranging from AED 20,000 to AED 50,000. The amount of fine depends on the intensity of the crime. Repeat lawbreakers may incur even higher fines.

    2. Imprisonment

    In addition to monetary fines, imprisonment terms await those who choose to drink and drive. Offenders can be sentenced to jail for a minimum period of one month, and the duration can extend based on factors such as the level of alcohol in their bodies and the existence of prior proof.

    3. Vehicle Impoundment

    Dubai’s authorities have the power to impound the vehicle of a drunk driver, leading to substantial inconvenience and financial strain for the vehicle owner. The vehicle might be impounded for a considerable period, and its release could be subject to the completion of certain requirements and the payment of additional fees.

    4. License Suspension

    A drunk driver could face the suspension of driving license for a period of 3 months to 2 years anywhere in UAE.

    5. Deportation for Expatriates

    This penalty is faced by the expatriates living in the UAE. Violating the law of drunk driving could lead to deportation from the country, resulting in termination from a job and a lifetime ban on entry into the UAE.

    Strict Enforcement and Testing Procedures By Dubai Law Enforcement Agency

    Dubai’s law enforcement agencies employ advanced technologies to detect drunk drivers and ensure that the roads remain safe for everyone. Routine checkpoints are set up across the city to test motorists for alcohol consumption. If a driver is suspected of being intoxicated, they are subjected to a breathalyzer test on the spot.

    How Can You Book our Safe Driving Services?

    Booking our services at Expert Safe Driver in Dubai is a seamless and straightforward process to ensure a safe and reliable driving experience. Clients can easily reach us by contacting our dedicated hotline at +971 55 988 5056. Our customer-friendly representatives are available to assist with booking inquiries, provide information about our services, and address any specific requirements.

    For added convenience, clients can also reach out to us via email at expertsafedriver@gmail.com. Whether you need professional driving lessons, designated drivers, or safety consultation services, our team is committed to delivering exceptional and secure transportation solutions. Make your journey stress-free and safe by choosing Expert Safe Driver for all your driving service needs in Dubai.

    What our clients says about us

    “I have been using their services for 5 months and it’s highly recommended. I appreciate the Expert Save Driver to make the things smoother and more efficient.”



    “I really enjoy the service it is pocket friendly, I have awesome experience in it. not only changes is less compared to the others but the staff is really polite and professional.”



    “Expert Save Driver has been a game-changer for my transportation needs in Dubai. Their drivers are professional, efficient, and make every journey a breeze.”



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