Sober Driver Dubai

Hire a Sober Driver Dubai starting from AED 80

    Hire a Sober Driver in Dubai

    If you are searching for Sober Driver in Dubai, Expert Safe Driver is here for your service. We provide Chauffeur services to ensure your safety and comfort. Our Chauffeurs are well trained, licensed and highly responsible towards their job. As per our company policy and commitment, we always provide quality services.

    If you are a party goer, If you are drunk, you need someone to pick you up and drop you at your home because driving drunk is a violation of Dubai laws, and you will have to pay a huge penalty, and it will also risk your life. Our Sober Driver Service in Dubai will provide you with remarkable services to enjoy your visits to bars, restaurants, shopping malls, parks, and beaches.

    Expert Safe Driver is Dubai’s leading Sober Driver Service provider with RTA-registered, highly professional drivers. Our Sober Driver Dubai has a reasonable price with timely pickup and drops off. You can book a personal driver for Hourly, Weekly, and Monthly service or avail of our Professional Chauffeur Service. Our highly professional Chauffeurs meet all your requirements and provide you with remarkable services.

    To enjoy our reliable services pick up your phone and call or Whatsapp us for booking or more details. Upon completing the booking process, we will send our Sober Driver in a very short time.

    sober driver dubai number is +971 55 988 5056

    Benefits Of Hiring A Sober Driver

    When you do not want to drive and need to navigate Dubai safely, hiring a sober driver can make all the difference. Whether you’re going to attend a business meeting, going to a party, or just want to explore the UAE, you will not regret making a sober driver your first choice. 

    You will get numerous benefits by hiring a sober driver for traveling anywhere. Some of them include:

    • Legal Compliance:  Driving under the influence is against the law in most places, including Dubai. Sober drivers follow all the regulations made by law, hence saving you from future legal troubles.
    • Avoiding Penalties And Consequences: A sober driver avoids the hefty fines, potential imprisonment, and other penalties associated with drunk driving offenses, sparing you from emotional as well as financial burdens.
    • Lowers Risk of Accidents: A sober driver is more alert and capable of making quick decisions, reducing the risk of accidents caused by impaired judgment and delayed reactions
    • Protection of Passenger Life: Employing a sober driver makes it easier to protect everyone on the road, including pedestrians, other drivers, passengers, and the driver’s own life.
    • Follows Safety Rules: A sober driver ensures compliance with all the safety rules while driving, resulting in a pleasant journey with him.
    • Peace Of Mind: Driving with a sober driver provides you peace of mind because the driver is focused on the road and the safety of his passengers. You do not face any worry when choosing a sober driver for your trip.
    • Community Responsibility: Opting for a sober driver contributes to a safer community by reducing the number of impaired drivers on the road. It also promotes responsible choices and encourages others to do the same, encouraging a culture of road safety.

    For safe and expert driver services that prioritize safety and reliability, contact us today at +971 55 988 5056. We’re just a call away to facilitate you with a trustworthy and professional sober driver experience in the vibrant city of Dubai.

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    Frequently Asked Questions?

    A sober driver within Dubai costs you a minimum of AED 80 for 10-15 kilometers and the price increases with the increasing kilometers. A service from Dubai to other cities has different costs.

    After confirmation of booking, the driver will be at your pickup location within 20-25 minutes.

    If it’s our driver’s fault, we will repair your car at the dedicated workshop or where you want to repair it. In case of traffic fines, we will pay all the fines.